PFS-level metallurgical testwork program has commenced at SGS Lakefield
Testwork will evaluate Dense Medium Separation, flowsheet optimization and ore variability
Program builds on 2018 results demonstrating low-iron concentrate grades of 6.0-6.5% Li2O
Appointed a number of consultants and suppliers to support additional studies in 2019

Piedmont Lithium Limited (“Piedmont” or “Company”) has commenced a PFS-level metallurgical testwork program at SGS Canada’s facilities in Lakefield, Ontario.  The testwork will be completed using composite and variability samples collected from drill cores produced during the Company’s Phase 2 and Phase 3 drill campaigns.
The planned testwork program builds on the success of the Company’s 2018 bench-scale testwork which previously demonstrated spodumene concentrate grades of 6.0-6.5% Li2O with low iron content of 0.66-0.76% Fe2O3.
New tests will include evaluation of Dense Medium Separation (DMS) technology’s potential to function as a pre-concentration step to production of high-quality spodumene concentrate.  Locked‑cycle flotation tests will also be performed on composite and variable samples to verify prior testwork and estimate spodumene recoveries.
The results of the testwork program will be used to to further optimize the process flow diagram during the next phases of technical study of the Company’s planned spodumene concentrator.  Test results will also be used to design a pilot testwork program planned for the second half of 2019.  Additional by-product testing is also planned in the second half of 2019.
Piedmont is also pleased to announce the appointment of engineers and consultants supporting the Company in areas of environmental study, permitting, metallurgy, mining engineering, exploration, and land acquisition as the project team focuses on a construction decision by the end of 2019.
Keith D. Phillips, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are pleased to be working with SGS Lakefield on the next phase of our metallurgical testing.  SGS is a global leader with extensive experience in the field of spodumene concentrate testwork.  We are also pleased to announce the appointments of several additional consultants experienced in areas critical to our success.  Our Phase 4 drill campaign is going very well, and we look forward to reflecting this in important engineering studies over the course of 2019.”

For further information, contact:

Keith D. Phillips
Anastasios (Taso) Arima
President & CEO
Executive Director
T: +1 973 809 0505
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Appointment of Consultants and Suppliers
Piedmont recently awarded service agreements to a number of consultants and suppliers to support the Company’s efforts to reach a construction decision by the end of 2019:
Primero Group continues to provide overall study management and engineering services for the Project.  Primero provides engineering, project management and commissioning services to a number of leading-edge lithium resource companies, and has been integral to the successful 2018 start-ups of the Australian spodumene projects of Pilbara Minerals, Altura Mining and Alliance Mineral Assets.
Marshall Miller and Associates (MM&A), a consultancy with deep experience in designing and permitting mines and quarries in North Carolina, throughout the United States, and globally, has been contracted by Piedmont to provide mining engineering services, waste disposal design engineering, geotechnical study management, and site civil design.
MM&A also has experience in JORC compliant engineering and geological study, offering a unique combination of local capabilities combined with understanding of the requirements for ASX-listed companies.
Ongoing permitting activities will be managed by Piedmont’s lead environmental consultant HDR Engineering.  New services agreements in 2019 have been awarded for traffic studies and additional service agreements are planned for rezoning, community engagement, and mine permit applications.
Piedmont renewed its service agreement with CSA Global for 2019 to provide resource geology, QA/QC, and data management services for our exploration program.
Logan Drilling has been awarded the Company’s Phase 4 drill campaign contract.  Logan has supported Piedmont’s efforts since late 2016 and has maintained over two years of injury-free activity on the Project.
SGS Canada remains Piedmont’s preferred laboratory for exploration assays and the Company has renewed its service agreement with SGS for 2019.  Additionally, SGS has been awarded the next round of the Company’s metallurgical testwork program including Dense Medium Separation (DMS), locked-cycle testwork, and variability tests.
Deep Earth Logic has been awarded a contract to conduct pre-blast studies for the Project.
Ameriland, a firm employing professional landmen, has been retained by Piedmont to expand the Company’s ability to communicate with landowners and secure additional exploration rights within the historic Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt.
Pace Labs has commenced work on waste characterization including analytical work which will be important in the Company’s mining permit application and reclamation plans.
Additional environmental testwork including tailings characterization will be performed by SGS Canada.

About Piedmont Lithium
Piedmont Lithium Limited (ASX: PLL; Nasdaq: PLL) holds a 100% interest in the Piedmont Lithium Project (“Project”) located within the world-class Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt (“TSB”) and along trend to the Hallman Beam and Kings Mountain mines, historically providing most of the western world’s lithium between the 1950s and the 1980s. The TSB has been described as one of the largest lithium provinces in the world and is located approximately 25 miles west of Charlotte, North Carolina. It is a premier location for development of an integrated lithium business based on its favorable geology, proven metallurgy and easy access to infrastructure, power, R&D centers for lithium and battery storage, major high-tech population centers and downstream lithium processing facilities.
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